Winter Bedding and Bulbs

We have just taken a delivery of winter bedding and bulbs. We have mixed colour polyanthus and primroses. We also have some lovely viola’s in various colours and we have a good selection of straight colour pansy’s.

Bulbs : Hyacinth in blue, pink, yellow, white and red in 1ltr pots.

paper white narcissus in 13cm

narcissus  in 1l pots sir winston churchill, carlton, yellow sun, king alfred, geranium, avalanche

bridal crown  narcissus in 12cm pots

tete ^ tete in 9cm pots and 1 l

crocus in yellow, blue, purple, white, and a purple and white striped.

winter heathers are also in colour.

We also have in  9cm ivys , 9cm and 1l skimmia.

12cm helleborus in mixed varities.

9cm conifers, 9cm euoynmous and 1l . All you need to make your winterbaskets and to give a bit of colour in the winter months.