Plug Plants

Glenacres Nursery has an arrangement with two large suppliers of Plug plants where you can order any amount of Plug plants ( minimum 1 complete tray, counts vary ) for most main weeks through the normal growing season.  Main condition is you order, collect and pay for them from ourselves at Glenacres Nursery. We are able to do this and save you their normal delivery charges which can be high so long as your requirements can be on weeks when we are having deliveries for our own use.

We have catalogues from both Delamores  of Wisbech and the Dutch based company  S & G.  Both carry huge ranges and choices of  Plug plants for Annuals, Perennials, Biennials and Shrubs  also a good selection  Grasses, Herbs, Climbers etc etc.

Please call in to the Nursery to discuss your requirements with Andrea or Nancy.  They will be able to give you a catalogue to take home and peruse at your leisure.    Orders for early spring ideally need to be in before Christmas, especially for lines like Tuberous Begonias that sell out very quickly.

Busy Lizzies        Because of the problems with Mildew over the last couple of years on Busy Lizzies we have decided once again not to offer them for sale.  We are however offering a new strain of New Guinea Busy Lizzies suitable for bedding out that can be grown in packs. These are raised from cuttings instead of seed. Tray count will be in 4s instead of 6s to reflect the increased cost but will we are sure turn out to be a lot better buy for your money.

We have both catalogues and order forms at the nursery. Please feel free to pop into the nursery and chat about your requirements for the new season.     We have a lot of customers especially in the Camp site and Pub & Catering trade who come and see us every year to help keep their establishments looking smart and one better than their competitors.    If you talk to us early enough we can even arrange to grow specific varieties and types for you.