Our stock is looking amazing.

Considering the wet weather we have had our stock around the Nursery is looking amazing for the time of year. We are at the end of January now and thankfully we haven’t had too many really hard frosts down here in Dorset to damage things.  We still have February to get through however so keeping everything crossed for an early start to the season with some reasonable weather to help us.

Everything in our trade depends on the weather. Gardeners are patiently waiting to get out and do things.  Whenever we get a spell of nice weather we notice our trade instantly livens up.  Being a true plant nursery rather than a retail Garden centre that encourages customers in purely to drink coffee or take lunch and then wander through aisles of giftware that are nothing to do with gardening we need nice weather to encourage our customers to buy plants  and make the most of the breaks in the weather to get them planted.

We are bursting at the seams with plants of all types just breaking  into bud.   I can honestly say In all the many years I have been growing plants to sell I have never seen our stock looking better.  Our small and loyal staff have worked extremely hard through the last few quiet months to get everything looking nice for the spring.  We have a large stock of spring bulbs growing in pots arriving this week including Hyacinths of various colours, Tete a tete. Daffodils, Muscari, Tulips, Bridal crown, Paper whites etc, etc.    We now have Primroses and Polyanthus in flower & budded also.

We still have a huge choice of Laurels and Leylandii hedging plants of all sizes in pots If your contemplating planting a hedge when the weather is better.  In fact with these two Items we always make sure we have good stocks growing on because they are so popular with everybody including our local council planning departments who especially seem to like Laurels If people are planting hedges.